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windows media player much

good visuals and music!


now i am scared to have a snowball fight haha!

haha funny

I like that insult fight between the two evil guys. the last comment just completely made me laugh.

Jazza responds:

lol yeah. swain pulled it of magnificently

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holy crap

How original! How creative! This must have taken alot of research. I'm favoriting this.


I've played this game before on ninjakiwi and I loved it. Man It has soo many views for being like # 10 on the new submissions list?

the message in this...

The message linked with the music is just amazing. They should like have parts of this as a commercial on those TV channels like the christian & religious channels.
This is going on my favorites just because of the ending and it tells you the whole point of the game. Great job!

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You've improved your production alot as I can see here. This beat really moves you and It's nice to hear a good song on newgrounds in the midst of all the bad ones I come across.

Although, there is one thing I must point out and I'm not sure if you've noticed, but that melody from 0:33 to 2:02 was used in one of Tiestos songs "Insomnia" (youtube it).

Yes, this is one of every producers's biggest fears: accidentally using a melody that they think they came up with, but not realizing it came from their long term unconscious memory of another song.
...I guess you could call this a remix or remake instead?

kirja100 responds:

I just forgot the name of the song ...
Earlier I put on Newground track with the title "ReMixXX"
Thank you for help and attention: DDD

We must go deeper...

A purse... within a purse... within a purse... within a newgrounds song

Aliaspharow's: "PERCEPTION"

aliaspharow responds:

XD... And i thought no one would understand...

nice voice you have there

the instrument mastering is perfect, and I have to agree with the guy below, the voice can be abit loud at times. It will make it about 1 star better to 10/10.

Wooormy responds:

thanks m8! ill buy myself a new mic when i get money ! :D

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ur right about that!

smoking does rot the human body.

I saw this on NG FRONT PAGE

It is amazing It is going on my favorites for halloween even though halloween is done. Great work. It deserves the score it has. I really love how art doesn't get zerobombed. It's one of the good things about this website. The audio portal on the other hand is Jackshit.

wow awesome

I just love how the 60 pixel line just fits well with the white background with nothing in it. I just love how the line is crooked and not straight and how there is NO ART in this at all. Awesome dude. KUTGW!!

(at least I gave you a pity 10)

I'm currently a music producer, and a future club/party/rave/what ever DJ.

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